Theater Orinda's catering services

Choosing a reputable catering service to serve you to your satisfaction can be pretty complicated. However, when you know what you want and the services you need, it becomes pretty easy. Amongst all the catering services, one stands out. Today, we will look at theater Orinda’s catering services, their provisions and why you should patronize them.

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About Theater Orinda’s catering services

Theater Orinda’s services are a top catering firm in North America, which offers their customers fresh, seasonal and delicious meals. They have been around for a year and know what their clients want. Their virtues include:

  • Innovation
  • Reliability
  • Team work
  • Creativity

They assure their customers that they won’t disappoint them and are ready to give them the best service. In addition, there are various premiums and standard menus which you can pick from for all your social occasions.

At theater Orinda’s catering services, you will get excellent food for every occasion at cut-cost prices. This catering service has staff who share the same objective and passion while delivering perfect food service in the US.

The services provided

At Theater Orinda’s catering services, you are offered a plethora of services which include:

Wedding Catering

Theater Orinda’s catering services offer wedding services, which could be a simple event or classy weeding. They hire caterers who can serve you drinks and food at this event at cheaper rates.

Cooperative catering service

At theater catering service, they provide a service that matters for a firm. Usually, many firms organize events which can be end of year parties or just events which discuss company problems. As catering service, they have people who will serve your meals and drinks anytime you want.

Buffet and Dish Catering

They offer their customers many dishes as buffets, which are kept in metallic storage. These meals are arranged in a way customers can serve themselves with dishes of their choice.

This dish serving service allows customers to get served will seated and this saves time and cost.

Food truck catering service

They also offer customers truck services where food is prepared and sent from trucks. Food truck services are ideal for many social events that have limited services in an area.

Office delivery catering services

As a top US caterer, Theater Orinda’s catering services prepare meals that can be delivered to your office, and the location of your choice. You can do this when someone orders food through a mobile phone or app. Payment for this type of meal orders can be via credit card, bank transfer and e-wallet.

Restaurant catering service

You can also get this type of catering service because it is customized and a flexible mode of food service around the area.

Why You should patronize Theater Orinda’s catering services

They are an excellent catering service which offer their customers the following benefits:

Limited Stress

Planning a social event requires much organizing. This stems from decorations to invitations and food. These are vital things that need to be considered when engaging catering services.


When considering hiring a catering service, you will be thinking of cooking, serving food and drinks. It is important to help save time when engaging in these activities.

A diverse menu

The service includes preparing and serving versatile meals which can make your day. The catering service has all the answers to your questions and helps you cater for all your menus. They can serve national and intercontinental meals to all customers in the states and Canada.

Getting a reliable an affordable catering service is essential for all customers in North America. Theater Orinda’s catering services is a quality catering service that offers customers the best food menu and services which many people will appreciate.